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MinION is a pocket-sized portable device used for real-time biological analysis. It is adaptable to the analysis of DNA, RNA, or proteins. MinION's simple workflow allows end-to-end experiments in many environments.

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PromethION combines MinION's simplicity of use with greater workflow flexibility through scale and a modular design. Increase throughput by analysing the same sample simultaneously in multiple flow cells, or run different samples concurrently.

The GridION system, currently in development, is a scalable real-time analysis system designed to analyse single molecules such as DNA, RNA and proteins.

Metrichor provides a cloud-based platform for real time analysis of data from nanopore devices. Applications available through Metrichor will expand with the ultimate goal of enabling the analysis of any living thing, by any user, in any environment.

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Press Releases

Oxford NanoLabs becomes Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd

21 May 2008, Oxford, UK. Oxford NanoLabs, the UK-based technology company, today became Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd ("Oxford Nanopore"). The new name reflects the Company's goal of developing nanopore technology into market-leading molecular detection and analysis products for a broad range of applications.

Applications of the Company's nanopore technology include a revolutionary method of DNA sequencing, portable systems for the identification of infectious organisms or markers of disease, systems for the detection of agents of bioterrorism and technology for integration into drug discovery.

Oxford Nanopore recently raised £10m in a private financing round, to accelerate the research and development of a new method for DNA sequencing that is label-free and measures DNA bases at the single molecule level. These qualities have the potential to deliver a step-change in the power and cost of DNA analysis.

"Nanopores have been researched for many years by leading academics at the world's most prestigious institutions," said Dr Gordon Sanghera, CEO of Oxford Nanopore. "This is groundbreaking science that requires a multidisciplinary approach to transform it into working products. We have invested enormous effort into recruiting the very best scientists and engineers. Together we are focused on delivering molecular analysis systems that provide real benefits to scientists, and ultimately improve the health of patients worldwide."

"Oxford Nanopore represents a model partnership between academia and industry," said Professor Hagan Bayley, founder of Oxford Nanopore and Professor of Chemical Biology at the University of Oxford. "We will continue to push the frontiers of nanopore science in an academic setting, while the Oxford Nanopore team builds on these discoveries in its innovative technology programme. By putting a company with a superb development team in support of new fundamental science, nanopore technology can realise its full potential."

21 May 2008

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Oxford NanoLabs becomes Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd