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Suite 4, The Mansion, Chesterford Research Park
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  • Technology
    • GridION™ informatics
    • Monitoring, controlling and programming nodes
    • Data handling
    • DNA-sequencing informatics
DNA-sequencing informatics

Base-calling and determination of quality metrics for sequencing experiments are performed in connection with primary data analysis, during which raw electrical signals are processed and reduced to events indicative of the four DNA or four RNA nucleobases. The results of this primary analysis are output in FASTQ file format.

The real-time nature of Oxford Nanopore's analysis system means that the reads are available for analysis as soon as they have been processed, while the experiment is continuing to produce further data. These sequences can be produced in the standard FASTQ format to work with existing analysis system. Alternatively, the reads can be streamed into the Oxford Nanopore or other Bioinformatics analysis systems that will perform real-time secondary analysis such as alignment or assembly, allowing the data to be monitored and evaluated according to the experiment's designated Run until... criteria. These criteria will generally be pre-configured within the experiment's workflow so that the appropriate response is triggered automatically.