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  • Technology
    • Movie: An introduction to the GridION™ system
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    • Node installation
    • Management of nodes
    • Automatic optimisation of system performance
    • Manufacturing of the GridION™ system
The GridION™ system

The Oxford Nanopore's proprietary nanopore-based sensing chemistries can be operated on the GridION™  system, an electronics-based platform. This enables multiple nanopores to be measured simultaneously and data to be sensed, processed and analysed in real time.

A single instrument, a GridION node, operates with a single-use cartridge that contains the necessary reagents to perform an experiment. 

A node can be employed as a single desktop instrument, or scaled up in a similar way to computing installations.

As a desktop instrument for the individual researcher, it can write data to the network or to a locally attached disc (directly through a USB or through a network) and work in a small lab. GridION does not require a dedicated server.

Each node is a network device. Multiple nodes can be aggregated together into larger co-operating units or clusters, communicating with each other in a peer-to-peer fashion over the user's network. The system is designed to interface or even co-locate, with standard or high-performance IT infrastructure. Workflow overheads and total costs, including IT, scale linearly with the GridION system.

graphic: a single node (left) may be used as a desktop device, or installed in conjunction with other nodes that communicate with each other through a network (centre, right).

A single node as a desktop
Nodes may be clustered through a network for larger throughput installation Each GridION node operates with a single disposable cartridge