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Edmund Cartwright House, 4 Robert Robinson Avenue
Oxford Science Park, Oxford, OX4 4GA, UK

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Suite 4, The Mansion, Chesterford Research Park
Little Chesterford, Essex, CB10 1XL, UK

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MinION™ Access Programme

Status update 14th February 2014: Oxford Nanopore has started to issue invitations to a number of applicants to take part in the first part of the MinION Access Programme (MAP). Applicants should receive an email within the next few days, either inviting the applicant to review some information and register for the MAP, or notifying the applicant that we are unable to invite them into the first wave of participants.

Registration for the MAP was heavily oversubscribed and although we can not include every applicant in the first part of the programme, we intend to send further invitations as the programme progresses. We understand if you wish to withdraw your application at any time.  Many applicants will be offered fewer MAP packages than they applied for; this has been done so that we can maximise the number of participants in the first wave of MAP spread across the broadest range of projects.

Click here for the MAP guide.